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The Melfort Club Rental Agreement – 2024 Terms & Conditions 

The following terms and conditions information may prove useful should you be considering making your cottage available for rental during your usual purchased week.

TMC charges a commission of 25% plus VAT of the gross rent received and the net balance will then be paid directly to your bank account by electronic funds transfer. This would normally occur within fourteen days of the end of the week in which the rental occurs. Please note that TMC committee policy does not allow rental monies due, to be offset against any outstanding maintenance fees. Also, rental proceeds will not be paid to any owner having an outstanding maintenance fee balance. We would of course release fees upon clearance of any monies due.

TMC endeavours to obtain a rental for your property; however, we are unable to guarantee that a rental will be achieved. The current market trend is for short break bookings, so we will accept these as business dictates. If TMC achieve more than one short break within your week a cleaning charge will be deducted from your rental proceeds for each additional break. The cleaning charges are £40 for a 1-bedroom house, £45 for a 2-bedroom house and £50 for a 3-bedroom house.

Please note if your preference is for a full week rental only, we are no longer able to offer this and we suggest that you advertise your week for rental privately.

Cottage rentals will not be accepted if you have banked the week with an Exchange Company. It is your responsibility to check that your property has not been automatically banked with an Exchange Company and you will be billed an administration fee of £50 and any cost incurred by The Melfort Club due to a double booking.

You should notify us immediately by emailing if you decide to offer your cottage to family or friends, rent privately or bank your week with an Exchange Company. We will then remove your cottage from the rental list thus avoiding the possibility of double booking.

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